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Tax Day Is So Depressing As A Sex Worker


"Here, government, is the thousands of dollars you are owed for failing utterly to protect me and my colleagues while we work to earn it, for the salaries of the police bullies who can arrest us and put us through a justice system that will penalize us for demanding actual due process, who will laugh in my face if I am robbed or assaulted while earning this money for you, assuming they’re not the perpetrators themselves." 

My therapist just told me a joke.


So this girl walks up to another girl and says “Hey, have you heard of the Bechdel Test?”

And the other girl says, “Yeah, my boyfriend was telling me about it the other day!”

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You're not terrible I just have enough social anxiety for three people...

Aww. Know dat feel, nonnie.

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I'm too shy to come off anon...


Now I feel bad.



we need to stop idealizing “speaking out” to the point where victims/survivors feel coerced to share their traumatic experiences around sexualized violence because they feel like they need to prove that they deserve support for being “brave enough” to speak out about it. there is tremendous strength and vulnerability in silence. i need us to stop relying on this model of bleeding ourselves dry in order for transformation of the self and others to happen.

This is important.  Obviously I very much respect people who talk about their experiences (I am one myself), but I also respect people who don’t.  Whether for your emotional health, your safety, or simply because you consider it private—it’s okay to not share your story.

Survivorship is not performance art.  Don’t support survivors because their stories are heartbreaking or inspirational or show us all why we need feminism.  Support survivors because they need it.

Sometimes I feel like these kinds of posts are hard to make without sounding like “okay, everyone, 180 degree turn, now we all need to only support people who keep silent!”  No.  We need to honor both and  shut down any idea of “the one right way to be a survivor.”

lesbianmooncolony said: you’re getting anons about this post? what the heck is going on

Yeah, what can I say, I have some weird anons… I think some of them are just desperate to talk to me under any pretext. ;)

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Well there's one saying it's motivational, a number tagged with stuff like "remember to drink enough", and one with "protect your inner frog"...

Thanks for that, Unnecessarily Computer Literate Anon!

remember to drink lots of water, because your insides are a swampy bog and a water shortage would affect the local frog population



HAHAHAH WHOA, so okay, this must be that One Suddenly Popular Text Post my IRL-friend-who-is-also-a-Tumblr-mutual was talking about, and apparently now it’s got all the way to Australia (Red Dwarf fandom section).

#also what are the bets half the reblogs are tagged with ‘and now the weather’ 

it’s at about 10% night-vale-reference or so at the moment. i don’t even know why people like this post

Heh. Probably because they can tag it with “and now the weather”.

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something i dont understand about u is, why r u so volatile about genders and sexes and opposed to the former (sp. genders uses in society) so much? this could also b expanded out to order & society in general. *i* (&most ppl, probably) like having a gender, even if i dont like everything about it; i like having order and structure & not having anarchy, even if like that i dont like everything abt it either, eg the structure in use/the order in place & the ways its executed. nt mad, just curious


in a word? it’s coercive.

to use an EXTENDED METAPHOR here, if you were raised from birth being told you were going to inherit your parents’ vocation and do their work for the rest of your life, yeah, that could be freeing: it’s a clear, well-signposted roadmap for the rest of your life, and that could remove a huge amount of anxiety about having to constantly plan for the future. but all that goes away if you don’t want to do that kind of work; then that expectation becomes yet another thing adding anxiety and stress to every interaction you have. or maybe you don’t really care about doing that work, not because it actually calls for you but because those expectations have stopped you from ever seriously thinking about what it would be like to have a vocation of your own, and you’ve resigned yourself to the expectation other people have of you.

"gender" in society’s eyes isn’t a process a person has control over; it’s not something someone can pick and choose or opt out of. gender is a process by which other people form expectations about you based on whatever gendered traits (including physical ones) you happen to present, and there are only the two options and you don’t get to pick which one you inhabit. and it’s not like the "man" and "woman" gender slots are equal; the relationship there is between the class in control and the class being controlled: even a woman properly performing gender has a pretty raw deal.

and people attempting to leave gender or even just approach it as a set of social expectations rather than a permanent, immutable fact of the world, get hurt. gender as a social system reacts poorly to people trying to work against it, whether it’s from cis women having jobs, or cis men being hassled when they don’t hassle women, or trans women existing, or any number of other situations of greater or lesser hurts where the machinery of gender grinds at people who are already hurt by it to begin with it.

ultimately i’ve seen the benefit people get by conforming to gender and the pain people endure by existing outside the categories it provides, and come to the conclusion that it’s a net negative and that there’s no saving it outside destroying it.

(tho it’s worth adding as an addendum that this doesn’t really have that much to do with gendered behavior, that is to say, certain traits that are currently considered “feminine” or “masculine”. there are abusive dynamics cloaked in gender, and absent gender it’s easier to call them “abuse” and not just the way things are and always have to be. the point of “destroy gender” isn’t to render everyone androgynous and indistinguishable, it’s to stop gender enforcement from forcing people out of doing things they enjoy.)

i’m a literal anarchist, also, so, that might have something to do with it.